Experiment Programming

Many of researchers who know me would know that I am a big fan of PsychoPy. This python-based application made it much easier for many scientists to program experiments.

It offers a Graphical User Interface (the Builder) to build experiments without any programming experience. As for those willing to get their hands into coding, the application has a built-in python interpreter and script editor (the Coder) ready to create the most complex of scenarios.

From viewing images to Gabor Patches, videos and rating scales, the application has something to please any experimental researcher.

Since it is based on Python programming language, possibilities are endless, including the control of other devices connect to the computer or on the network.

In coming posts I will share examples for different types of experiments and how to collect different types of data (keyboard, mouse and eye tracking). In the meanwhile, you can check the official PsychoPy website and look for examples and tutorials. In this video you can see how easy it is to create the Stroop Task with no programming experience.


Screenshots of the Builder (left) and Coder views of the PsychoPy application.