University of Bozen-Bolzano – Short Talk

As part of my work at SR LABS Srl, I get the chance to meet people from different fields who share an interest in this technology.

Recently we were invited to speak at the conference on Eye tracking and biometric systems: breaking into industrial engineering at the Free University of BozenBolzano.

Topics were very Inspiring and I met some motivated students. My talk was about “Eye Tracking: Ongoing Developments and Successful Applications” in which I presented types of data that can be recorded and analyzed with eye tracking and examples of how the technology can be used in different fields. Finally I went through a selection of latest developments regarding eye tracking technology.

Many thanks to Yuri Borgianni and Erwin Rauch for organizing the event and for inviting me.


Iyad Aldaqre

Data Scientist at SR LABS Srl, Milan