Eye Tracking Data In R

During my studies at LMU Munich, I have written some scripts to process and analyze raw eye tracking data. Since then, the scripts are getting closer to becoming a package.

Main functions

  • ivt apply a velocity based filter to categorize fixations and saccades and export a table with processed data.
  • aois given a file of coordinates of areas of interest (AOIs), check each data point and mark whether it falls in any of the AOIs.
  • groupSaccades and groupFixations to group consecutive saccades or fixations based on proximity in time and space.

Extra functions

  • pix2deg and deg2pix to convert from pixels to degrees of visual angle and vice versa.
  • error.bar to draw bar plots with error lines (from here).
  • error.line to draw smooth line plots with shaded error area.

Feel free to check the source files on github, suggest modification, ask me if you have questions and most importantly make good use of them.

By the way, I also offer workshops on eye tracking data processing and analysis based on these scripts, so if you work or study at an academic institute and you think you and your colleagues might benefit from such a workshop I would be more than happy to organize a workshop directly at your institute.